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Adventure Courses

Skywood has 7 different adventure courses, from beginner to expert and everything in between. The Adventure Courses are a guided tour of seven climbing courses within the forest canopy. You will hike through a series of unique games, including bridges, swings, nets and zip lines, as you traverse from one tree top platform to the next. 

All of our courses start at the ‘Nest’ where our Lead Guide will show you the way and discuss your adventure level. Everyone starts with ‘Loon’ or ‘Heron’ to get a feel for the type of climbing that is involved, then your guide will point you to the next course based on your skill and comfort level. 

Spend 3 hours climbing, jumping, zip lining and trekking throughout the courses. Come back to the Nest, grab some water, and start on your next course.

Our Smart Belay System means that you are ALWAYS tethered to a safety line.

Each session starts with a 20-minute safety and orientation walk-through with 2 guides – even for returning customers.

When you book your 3-hour Adventure course tour, you are able to climb at your own pace and go through as many courses as you can. You are booking a time, not a course.




  • 2 Beginner Courses:  Min. Age 9;  Min. Height 55”
  • 3 Intermediate Courses:  Min. Age 9;  Min. Height 55”
  • 2 Advanced Course:  Min. Age 12;  Min. Height 60"
  • The weight limit for the Activities is 113 kg (250 pounds)
  • Length of climb: 3 hours
  • Closed-toed shoes are required
  • Participating adult required for children ages 9-11 at a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children.



  • Adventure Courses - Adult (age 16 or older) - $55.00
  • Adventure Courses - Youth (age 12 to 15) - $48.00
  • Adventure Courses - Child (age 9 to 11) - $42.00
  • Taxes and reservation fees are extra



Please ensure to read the safety regulations section, found here

Course descriptions

Loon & Heron

The two beginner courses that EVERY climber goes through in order for our team to assess your skill level. The courses are the lowest to the ground and features some entry-level obstacles that still give you a challenge.  These courses finish with a short zipline back down to the ground.


Blue Jay

A ‘beginner-mediate’ course that offers the height of a beginner course with the challenging obstacles of the intermediate courses. This course finishes with a short zipline back to the ground.



An intermediate course that features obstacles such as the skateboard (Sky Surfer) and is at the same height as a beginner course. Once you’ve completed the beginner courses, you will likely start to gain confidence and want more challenging obstacles and Eagle gives you the best of both worlds.



An intermediate course that finishes with the True-Blue drop (a 40-foot controlled drop to the ground). This unique obstacle is a staff and visitor favourite. Higher-up than the beginner courses and with more advanced obstacle, Osprey is a course you might just climb through a few times.



An advanced course that require sign-off from our Nest Guide as well as an extra signature! The advanced course is high up in the trees and features much more challenging obstacles. Longer obstacles that require much more balance and concentration are featured throughout Vulture. You must have completed the intermediate and beginner courses before getting approval from the guide to tackle this course. You must also be 60 inches tall and at least 12 years old.


Expert Course

Only about 10% of our guests are capable (or willing), to take our expert course challenge. The longer and more difficult obstacles are worth a try for the seasoned adventure course veteran. You must complete the advanced course, an intermediate course AND a beginner course before you are allowed to climb the rock wall up to the advanced course start. 

Skywood Eco Adventure Park