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Discovery Courses

The Discovery Courses are a self-led tour of THREE inclusive courses with easy games that are only a few feet above the forest floor attached to a continuous safety line. A confidence building experience that is suitable for most abilities including persons with diverse physical and cognitive capabilities. Children can hike through the course while guardians follow behind or while guardians walk alongside the course. 

Note: Parents / Guardians are not required to climb these courses but must be present to supervise.


There are 3 discovery courses; Chipmunk, Squirrel and Beaver.

Chimpunk and Squirrel feature challenging obstacles specifically built with children in mind. ‘Beginner’ courses that each child must go through in order to tackle the more advanced features of Beaver - but fun enough that they can be done on their own. These courses feature wood steps, netting, jumps and short ziplines. 

All in all, the discovery courses are a good challenge for children looking to test their abilities. 


  • Number of Courses: 3
  • Minimum Age Requirement: 5 years old
  • The weight limit for the Activities is 113 kg (250 pounds)
  • Closed-toed shoes are required
  • Length of Climb: 2 hours


  • Discovery Courses (age 5 or older) - $28.00
  • Taxes and reservation fees are extra


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