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Treewalk Village

Treewalk Village is an adventurous child's dream! Children will run, climb and explore through a network of tree houses connected by ramps, nets, and slides that are several feet off the ground and fully enclosed (with no need for any specialiazed safety equipment.) 

Children can navigate the course with their guardian or while their guardian supervises from the ground.
The courses consist of 2 ramps (entrances), 7 tree houses, 8 bridges and 2 slides (exits).


Participants must be 3 years or older.

Children 9 - 11 years must be supervised by a guardian, but that guardian does not need to climb but may if they wish.
*Children 3 - 8 years require a paid supervisor that is able to provide direction and assistance to a child while on the course.

What To Wear

You should wear comfortable athletic clothing suitable for the temperatures that day, and close-toed shoes like running or hiking shoes. Long hair should be tied back at all times. Please visit the safety section of the website for more details on clothing and equipment.

What To Bring

All the necessary safety equipment will be provided for you. Aside from comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes, it is also a good idea to bring a water bottle and gloves.

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